Cherubika CD

by Cherubika

This first recording by Cherubika (released in December) contains the Cherubic Hymn sung in a cross section of chant forms and is arguably the most beautiful sacred music recording released in 2007.

“Your choir sings in a perfect classical manner. On the one hand, the academic art of singing is shown, but on the other hand in this music one hears prayer, and this is the most important of sounds.”– Grigory, Choir Director for “Chorus of Prelate Nikolay” of Batumi, Georgia.

“Absolutely beautiful!” –Nikola Resanovic, composer



Cherubika is a wonderful new ensemble of Orthodox singers specializing in znamenny and chant-based liturgical music. They have a resonant, glowing sound and strike the delicate balance of musical excellence and soulful chant infused with prayer. Their self-titled debut album is a stunning collection of Cherubic Hymns. Bulgarian, Georgian, Serbian, Znamenny and Romanian traditions are all represented here. There are several ancient melodies used as well as a few more recent compositions, but all carry a signature connection to older chant-based systems of Orthodox melody. In this respect, they are closer to the rich Byzantine chant tradition than they are to later forms of Russian liturgical singing based on large choral arrangements. As an added bonus to Orthodox choir directors and chanters everywhere, we are making available a companion volume with music for every track on the CD. Click here to view full playlist with sample mp3 clips.. .
Now Available: Sheet Music for the Cherubika CD!



Behold Your God

Behold Your God CD

St. Seraphim Choir, Santa Rosa, CA

A stunning collection of music for the Winter Feasts of the church. Beginning with the powerful “O House of Ephratha” in the seldom-heard Znamenny special melody, the men’s chorus is breathtaking. A beautiful collection of Scriptural passages and Patristic writings is woven throughout the selections celebrating the three major feasts of winter: The Nativity of Christ, Theophany, and The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple. What a gift it is to have a thematically-based collection of hymnography with which to celebrate the season.Click here for playlist and music samples.




Attend, O Heaven

St. Seraphim Choir, Santa Rosa, CA

Attend O Heaven CDThis lovely collection of Orthodox music comes from the richest hymnographic season of the church year: Great Lent and Pascha. It is a generous 80 minutes long, with 32 different selections of Orthodox music moving chronologically from the pre-Lenten hymn “By the Waters of Babylon” to the Dismissal verse of Pascha: “And Unto Us.” There are a variety of ensembles and chant genres represented and woven together to create a rich tapestry of prayer and inspiration. Many settings will be new to Orthodox listeners, and there are several contemporary compositions in znamenny chant. This top-notch church choir sings under the direction of Fr. Lawrence Margitich and Macrina Lewis. Click here for playlist and music samples..




Children’s Garden of the Theotokos

Macrina Lewis

CGT CD Cover


This is a small collection of songs written for young children. It is sung in simple style with a solo voice. Although there are a few church hymns, most of the songs are original compositions with basic repetitive melodies that appeal to children and are easy to learn. Compiled for “The Children’s Garden of the Theotokos” curriculum, the words of these songs penetrate the heart and mind of the child with simple yet profound teachings of the Orthodox faith. Based on Scripture, feasts and saints of our church year, they provide another means for young children to enter into the life of the church. Like a series of building blocks, these songs translate our liturgical life into a language children can comprehend and participate in. Click here for playlist and music samples.



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