Orthodox Music Resources and Links

Ethiopian Music


Tewahedo Songs and Record

Here is the website for a very interesting collection of music videos from an Ethiopian ministry. Although these appear to be non-liturgical, they are called “spiritual songs” and I find them fascinating! And the videos are wonderful! One can certainly learn a lot about a culture from their indigenous music. Enjoy!


Znamenny Chant



This is the website created by Nikita Simmons, one of the most prolific and studious proponents of znamenny chant in the US in these days. Hailing from the Old Rite, which still maintains pre-Nikonian practices and liturgical music, his site is a wealth of information from someone who is a true musicologist. You can find much helpful information about general liturgics as well.


Russian Znamenny Chant Site

This is a lovely essay on Znamenny chant in English – one of the few! Especially for beginners, this is a straightforward treatment, both interesting and enlightening.


Novgorod Site

This site, from Novogorod, Russia, is a more in-depth examination of znamenny chant. An excellent resource!


Georgian Chant

Harmonie Georgienne

Incredibly beautiful music from this website in French.  The website itself is very artistic and this is obviously an accomplished group of singers providing CD-quality liturgical selections.  Enjoy the music and beautiful photos.


Estonian Orthodox Music


Although most of the site is presumably in Estonian, this page is primarily in English and several interesting audio clips of Estonian liturgical and cultural music are available. They seem to have been recorded in live performances or liturgical services.

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