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Collection of Znamenny Chant by Fr. Lawrence Margitich

Fr. Lawrence Margitich, archpriest of the Orthodox Church in America serving in Santa Rosa, CA, is renowned for his Znamenny settings in English. Laboring for many years to present English settings of this ancient and mellifluous chant form for his parish, he has amassed a sizable collection of hymns which we are currently typesetting. Check back in Fall/Winter of 2008 for an update on our progress and perhaps an ETA on the completion of the project.


Chant-based Divine Liturgy Music

(Excellent for small choirs!)

Although this music is not ONLY for small choirs, it is one of the few publications designed specifically for easy use by small ensembles. All the music is in the middle range and appropriate for most singers. We have also chosen settings that do not suffer for a particular part being weak or altogether missing. Many settings are in two voices and all are chant-based and melody-driven. Without the need for all four parts to handle chordal progression, which one finds in most later Russian music, this collection is particularly user-friendly to our mission parishes or to those who prefer a chant-based rather than choral-based repertoire. Intended date of Publication: Fall 2008..

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