An Extraordinary Peace


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Softback: $19.95

Hardback: $27.95
    • 350 pp
    • Printed in USA on 55# natural stock
    • Soft and hardbound editions
    • English only
    • Colored endpapers
    • Foreward by Bishop HILARION Kapral (ROCOR)
    • Introduction from 1994 edition by Catherine Lucinda Penn
    • Original artwork (frescos on covers, portrait of St. Seraphim, 5 illustrations, portrait of Fr. Lazarus, small liturgical-style renderings throughout, some page ornamentation)
    • Added footnotes
    • Direct quotes/excerpts offset
    • Reflection on Fr. Lazarus Moore
    • Manuscript history and editorial notes
    • Prayer Rules of St. Seraphim (as found in text)
    • Akathist to St. Seraphim (translated by Fr. Lazarus Moore)
  • Sample page: Chapter 8: A Wonderful Revelation to the World

    Sample page with rendering: Censer

    Sample illustration: St. Seraphim’s Repose

    Sample Prayer Rule: Sample Prayer Rule


    All of us who dwell in the arid desert of these secular times and who long for refreshing spiritual drink will appreciate the ‘cup’ which brings us this life-giving water–namely, this very book. As well as telling the story of St. Seraphim of Sarov in a way that brings the saint powerfully before us, the book also includes an introduction to Fr. Lazarus (who himself should be the subject of such a biography), the history of the manuscript, an index, the Prayer Rules of St. Seraphim, and various prayers, including an Akathist to the saint himself.  Anaphora Press has done the Church a great service in bringing this ‘cup of cold water’ to us thirsty souls.

       –Archpriest Lawrence R. Farley, St. Herman of

        Alaska  Orthodox Church, Langley, B.C.

       Author of The Bible Study Companion Series





    This inspirational and engaging Life of St. Seraphim of Sarov combines attention to historical accuracy with a strong emphasis on classic spirituality through the saint’s advice and way of life. The practical counsels imparted in this book are appropriate not only for monastics but also those of us living in the world. St. Seraphim offers a precious reminder of one of the chief gifts of the Spirit: joy.  Beautifully written and artfully presented, this book is a must-have in every Orthodox library.

       –Dr. Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou

        Theology and Rel. Studies, Univ. of San Diego

        Searching the Scriptures podcast on AFR





    I am delighted to learn this biography of St Seraphim is coming back to print. This work of Father Lazarus was an important component in my own formation as an Orthodox Christian, so I hope this new edition will be met with the enthusiasm it very much deserves.

       –Father Patrick Henry Reardon

        All Saints Orthodox Church Chicago, IL;  

        Touchstone Magazine

        Author of Christ in the Psalms




    Father Lazarus Moore brings the spirit of Saint Seraphim alive in his excellent study of the life and spiritual teaching of one of the most beloved saints throughout the Orthodox world. Presenting his teaching in a very practical and reader-friendly style, this book will appeal to all readers, regardless of backgrounds, who seek to learn more about the ancient spirituality of the Christian East.

       –Dr. Harry Boosalis,

        Assoc. Professor of Dogmatic Theology,

        St Tikhon’s Seminary




    Traveling to Greece recently, I was surprised to hear in what high regard St. Seraphim was held. On the Holy Mountain, only the most phenomenal of recent saints were compared to St. Seraphim, as though he was one of the highest measures of sanctity in these later centuries of the Church.

        –Christopher Lewis

        author of Mysteries of Silence







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