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Mysteries of Silence

by Christopher Lewis

Spiritually evocative, Christopher Lewis’ first volume of poetry awakens the reader to the mysteries and divine realities hidden in the everyday. Lyrical imagery of the natural world incarnates the author’s vision of a universe pulsing with meaning and divine purpose. With sincerity and beauty, he shares his own journey towards prayer:

Not even then

is one able to capture by concentrated thought
the light that breaks across the deep
and rising through time to eternity
makes itself known in layered radiance
of cloud-forms reshaping every moment
along the breathing storm-front of simple existence.

Penetrating and luminously expressive, Lewis offers us a unique treasure: Orthodox ethos in lyrical verse.


This is a beautiful collection of poems reflecting a mature faith and deep vision of the Presence of God filling all of life.
—Metropolitan JONAH (Paffhausen), Orthodox Church of America.


Read more….. for details and page samples.






Children’s Garden of the Theotokos

by Macrina Lewis

An Orthodox curriculum developed primarily for homeschoolers and those wishing to do an Orthodox preschool or playgroup. It has also been successfully used by Sunday school programs.   Look here for more details about the program.




An Extraordinary Peace: St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov

by Archimandrite Lazarus Moore

This is the definitive biography in English of one of the most famous and best-loved saints of the Orthodox Christian church.  Russian by birth, St. Seraphim, (c. 1759-1833) has often been compared with St. Francis of Asissi in the West, both being known largely for their unique relationships to animals and their palpable love of all people.  From firsthand accounts of miracles, to deep discussions of spiritual practices and theology, the very detailed account of St. Seraphim’s life is a must-read for any Orthodox Christian or student of spirituality.


Clearly, this is not a biography in the ordinary sense.  Fr. Lazarus’ interaction with the “flame of Sarov” is felt on every page.  It is as though he were at St. Seraphim’s side, learning from his Elder’s acts and words.  St. Seraphim is not only set before our eyes, but is brought into our very hearts.  Fr. Lazarus leads us to an invocation of the Saint himself; we feel his presence and receive a taste of that extraordinary peace, sweetness and joy for which he is known and loved by so many.


This is the same text as the 1994 edition previously published by New Sarov Press in 1994, but it has many improvements.  Please see details, sample pages and shipping options here.

Softback: $19.95

Hardback: $27.95



We are currently working on a new publication of the Psalms translated by Fr. Lazarus Moore and an exciting autobiographical tale set in Uganda called Tears on the Equator.  Look for both at the beginning of 2014!

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