Books in Print


Books in Print

Mysteries of Silence

by Christopher Lewis

Spiritually evocative, Christopher Lewis’ first volume of poetry awakens the reader to the mysteries and divine realities hidden in the everyday. Lyrical imagery of the natural world incarnates the author’s vision of a universe pulsing with meaning and divine purpose. With sincerity and beauty, he shares his own journey towards prayer:Not even thenis one able to capture by concentrated thoughtthe light that breaks across the deepand rising through time to eternitymakes itself known in layered radianceof cloud-forms reshaping every momentalong the breathing storm-front of simple existence.Penetrating and luminously expressive, Lewis offers us a unique treasure: Orthodox ethos in lyrical verse..This is a beautiful collection of poems reflecting a mature faith and deep vision of the Presence of God filling all of life.—Metropolitan JONAH (Paffhausen), Orthodox Church of America..

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Children’s Garden of the Theotokos

by Macrina Lewis

An Orthodox curriculum developed primarily for homeschoolers and those wishing to do an Orthodox preschool or playgroup. It has also been successfully used by Sunday school programs.   Look here for more details about the program.




An Extraordinary Peace: St. Seraphim, Flame of Sarov

by Archimandrite Lazarus Moore

The response to this re-born classic has been strong and heart-felt.  So many people have treasured this book over the years and are thankful to have it again available in new and beautiful packaging.  For more details about the book and ordering, click here. 

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Unexpected Joy

Unexpected Joy

by Cheryl Tuggle

A striking new novel with heartfelt characters.  Cheryl Tuggle’s first book is an engaging story of learning to open oneself to the possibilities nearby, of responding to the people and events around oneself and allowing God to reveal Himself.  It’s a rare treat to read a good work of fiction with an Orthodox setting, and this book is also very good at introducing an Orthodox ethos to those who may not know much about it.  For more details click here. 

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